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UK Based Warehouse
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SKU: XQI-IPXS-LCD-PLATPRO-SOFT  |  Barcode: 5054248851806

Platinum Pro Replacement LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Soft OLED)

Platinum Pro Replacement LCD Assembly for iPhone XS (Soft OLED)

£52.95 Ex Vat

£63.54 Inc Vat



Platinum Pro - The Industry Leading Aftermarket iPhone LCD Range

Install a refurbished iPhone LCD and find it difficult to get regular supply? Why not try our Platinum Pro? We are so confident about Platinum Pro - we provide a lifetime warranty on the entire range.   

Guaranteed the best Aftermarket LCD you will ever install!

Introducing our best customised manufactured LCD with choosing our very own materials to IC chips, we bring to you our Platinum Pro range! With our strict QC regulations, we guarantee a very low defect rate.

- Each LCD is made of high quality Incell technology called LTPS Incell Technology which gives the user the best features such as high resolution displays, fast and responsive touch experience, lower temperatures and quicker refresher rates.

- All LCDs are fitted with a robust silicone seal to improve durability against any drops and knocks. Back plates, camera holders are pre-installed along with a water seal adhesive.

- The Incell Technology is thinner than a regular LCD, there will be no crack issues during installation. True-Tone can be transferred on Platinum Pro.

- Each LCD is thoroughly tested with each iPhone motherboard and are compared against the original Apple screen before dispatch within our very own Hong Kong Office.

Why did we release Platinum Pro?

Many wholesalers/distributors within the UK, buy a LCD from a factory in China with minimal QC inspections and do not check their brightness, the right speed, and the right fitting, etc...  and compare it against the original Apple LCD.

This is why, at Techpoint Distribution - we love being the industry leader & innovators; our motive, we care for your business and the experience of your customers.

So, we wanted to introduce a range of iPhone LCDs that was so close to the original LCD - so you don't need to ever worry about the following:

- High Defect Rates - from poor refurbishing methods

- Is It Actually Genuine? - unfortunately, our industry like any other have imitations and you can never trust a source of an Apple LCD unless you, yourself have taken the original LCD from the damaged device.

- Regular Supply - with raising concerns it is very difficult sometimes to keep a consistent amount of supply of refurbished Apple LCDs

- Price - the cost of refurbished Apple LCDs can be expensive and you may find it hard to compete. So, we have made sure our Platinum Pro LCDs are cheaper! To give you more margin.

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